LASER ENGINEERING MD60 Laser – Co2 – NEW Laser System


NEW Laser System, Sold with a 1-Year Warranty.


In A Nutshell

Uses: Surgical

Included with Purchase:

1 – Key
1 – Foot Switch
1 – Operator’s Manual
1 – 125 mm focal length hand piece
1 – Micro-manipulator

Est. Shipping (US): $450.00


Product Description

NEW Laser System, Sold with a 1-Year Warranty.

LEI’s advanced Ultra MD™ surgical lasers offer unmatched precision, power and versatility, backed by the experience and support services of a company with over 20 years of surgical laser experience.

The LEI Ultra MD™ laser systems utilize a user friendly interface which is microprocessor controlled making it simple to setup and to operate. The sophisticated features of the Ultra MD™ series of surgical lasers include continuous wave, chopped pulse, and super pulse settings – all ready at the touch of a finger – and all in a convenient, space savings compact size. The system is offered in four wattages: 40,60 and 80.

The new Ultra MD™ super pulse line includes new advanced features:

20 Watts of super pulse, enabling less thermal damage on tissue resulting in “Char-Free” effect.

New operating system with touch-screen activation, increasing ease of use for surgical and technical teams.

Remote diagnostics reducing repair and trouble-shooting time.

The Ultra MD™ surgical lasers are compatible with virtually all microscopes, endoscopes, and colposcopes. These systems have accessories available for treatment in many surgical specialties including dermatology and plastic surgery. The LEI accessory line features the Vector™ CO2 Laparoscopic Coupler for Gynecology, and the Touch Focus laser-assisted handpiece for ENT surgeries including tonsil ablation and uvulapalatoplasties.

Specifications for the Ultra MD 60:

Laser Type: CO2

Power to Tissue: 1-60 watts

Wavelength: 10.6 microns

Beam Geometry: TEMoo

Laser Configuration: Sealed-off

Control Panel: Microprocessor Control with Self-Calibration and Touch Screen

Exposure Time: .05,.1,.2,.3.5,1.0 sec

Super pulse: 1 to 20 Watts

Aiming Beam: 5mW Helium-Neon laser, variable to .5mW

Spot Size: .10mm with 50mm handpiece & .25mm with 125mm handpiece

System Height: Folded 188cm/69 3/4 inches & Unfolded 64 1/2 inches

Arm Reach: 150cm/59.0 inches

System Weight: 190 lbs.

Foot Print: 54.6×54.6cm/21.5×21.5 inches

Electrical/Input Requirements: 10 AMPS/120 VAC 50/60 Hz 800 VA

Cooling: Self-contained liquid to air

Warranty: 3 year non-prorated tube & 1 year all parts

Included with Purchase:

1 – Key
1 – Foot Switch
1 – Operator’s Manual
1 – 125 mm focal length hand piece
1 – Micro-manipulator


Est. Shipping (US): $450.00

Cosmetic rating system.

Outstanding: No cosmetic damage. Factory paint. No paint chips, No scratches/scuffs

Good: Minor cosmetic damage. A few paint chips, scuffs or scratches. If we repainted a laser, it will also be in this category. Damage/reconditioning is noticeable but not at first glance.

Acceptable:  A fair amount of cosmetic damage. Paint chipping, scuffing or scratches in multiple places. Very noticeable at a first glance.

Unacceptable: Lets be real, we’re a Reliable team and we will NEVER sell something in this condition

Additional Information

Weight 190.00 lbs


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