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Cynosure Cryo 6 (Rental Laser)


In A Nutshell

Uses: Epidermal Cooling

Included with Purchase:
1-  Cynosure Cryo 6

Est. Shipping: (US): $350.00


Product Description

If purchased with Cynosure Apogee Elite receive a $1000 discount off total purchase.

Uses: Epidermal Cooling.
S/N: 736750

Year of Manufacture: 2008

MPN: Cryo 6

Shot count: N/A

Power Supply Voltage Required: 110 VAC

Amperage required: 15A

Output Wattage: N/A

Output Joules: N/A

Available Fiber sizes: N/A

90Day Labor

Exterior Quality rating: Good

Cosmetic rating system.

Outstanding: No cosmetic damage. Factory paint. No paint chips, No scratches/scuffs

Good: Minor cosmetic damage. A few paint chips, scuffs or scratches. If we repainted a laser, it will also be in this category. Damage/reconditioning is noticeable but not at first glance.

Acceptable:  A fair amount of cosmetic damage. Paint chipping, scuffing or scratches in multiple places. Very noticeable at a first glance.

Unacceptable: Lets be real, we’re a Reliable team and we will NEVER sell something in this condition


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